When it comes time to consider replacing your windows you need to work through all the pros and cons of the decision. To do this, it is important to first uncover the truths and bust the myths about window replacements.

MYTH: Window replacements will be incredibly time consuming and turn your house upside down.

TRUTH: A window replacement is a quick and minimally disruptive job.

People often assume that if they replace their windows it will disrupt their home and call for full-blown renovations. This is not the case at all! The fact of the matter is that windows can typically be replaced without impacting the existing walls through either a tear out or a retrofit procedure. With a good window replacement team, the job will be done and cleaned up before you know it.

MYTH: Window replacements can only occur in the summer.

TRUTH: While the summer is a great time of year to replace your windows, they can be replaced any time, and there are lots of reasons to replace your windows in the spring and fall, too.  

It is a common misconception that it must be summertime to replace your windows. This makes many people avoid replacing their windows as summer is a busy enough time already and they do not want to begin a big project when they are hosting so many guests or going away on vacation.

The fact is that window replacement teams will install the new window as quickly as possible to avoid the negative impacts of weather and will ensure that throughout the process your house is kept warm and dry. Having your windows replaced in an offseason is actually smart because it can mean a shorter wait time.

MYTH: Windows play a small role in your home’s energy efficiency.

TRUTH: Windows are one of the top contributing factors to your home’s energy efficiency levels.

Believe it or not, the quality of your windows has immense impacts on your home’s overall energy efficiency levels. Rising utility bills are one of the most obvious signs that it is time to replace your windows. There are dozens of new energy efficient, high-performance windows and products to choose from when considering a window replacement.

MYTH: Window replacement can be a great DIY project.

TRUTH: More often than not, replacing your own windows does not go as planned.

While replacing your own windows may seem easy and maybe even fun in theory, in reality, it rarely goes how you are expecting. Window installation professionals have in-depth training about how to properly install windows so that they last. Professional window replacement teams do their job in a way that will not cause problems down the road.

Without proper training, you are unlikely to be sure that your windows are level, airtight, watertight and insulated properly. For these reasons it is always a worthwhile investment to work with a professional when it comes to window replacement or installation.

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