Windows bring many benefits to your home including relaxing views to the outdoors, letting natural light in, air circulation through the home and enhancing your curb appeal. However, with unpredictable and often harsh weather in Ontario, windows can also cause a lot of unwanted problems. Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of six common window problems including their potential solutions so you can easily address them.

Problem #1: Drafts

Over time, windows may begin to let drafts in. You may notice your curtains moving or feel a slight breeze when you walk by. Drafts are always unwanted – they disrupt the comfort of your home and will cause your utility bills to rise. Drafts may be caused by improper window design or from loose weather-stripping between the glass and the frame.

Solution:  To effectively deal with drafty windows consider getting replacement windows to upgrade the technology and design. Alternatively, you can replace any damaged weather-stripping to recreate a tight seal that will no longer let drafts into the home.

Problem #2: Leaks

Another problem that occurs with older windows is leaks. Leaks need to be dealt with immediately so the moisture doesn’t damage anything in your home. A leaking window may be caused by a broken seal or glass, excess humidity, too much condensation, ice build-up, and damaged caulking.

Solution: There are several effective ways to address leaky windows. Some of the options include re-glazing, replacing glass, using a humidifier (to avoid ice build-up), or applying new caulking. If none of these solutions can effectively fix the problem, it may be time to consider a professional window replacement.

Problem #3: Broken Springs

Due to the vast and often sudden temperature changes in Ontario, the crank handles and springs on windows often become seized up or worn out. This means that your windows may no longer open and close properly.

Solution: To avoid broken springs and cranks in the first place ensure that you do not force your windows open when they are frozen or over-tighten them. At least once annually, apply a lubricant to the cranks to keep them greased. Always make sure that you remove dirt and debris that may interfere with the function of the springs and cranks. If you window crank has given out due to long-term use, you can replace it for a minimal cost and effort.

Problem #4: Fog

You may notice that your insulated windows are fogging up between the glass panes. Again, this is largely due to changes in temperature but may also be a sign that the seal or spacer has deteriorated.

Solution: The most effective way to deal with this particular problem is by hiring a professional to examine the issue and recommend the proper repair.

Problem #5: Rotting Frames

Older window models were typically made with wooden frames. Over time, the wood deteriorates and the aesthetic value of wood windows decreases. Prolonged moisture and exposure to weather events will eventually cause the frame to rot and may lead to mold growth.

Solution: The best solution for dealing with rotting frames is to replace your windows altogether. Newer models of windows use improved technology such as vinyl or fibreglass windows last a lot longer and deliver a higher degree of energy efficiency. Sometimes, if the damage is not as extensive, an area of the frame can be temporarily patched up by a professional.

Problem #6: Mold Growth

Mold and mildew growth on your windows is ugly to look at but it may also be hazardous for your health and wellbeing. Typically, mold and mildew form as the result of collected moisture that remains unattended to.

Solution: In order to properly deal with mold or mildew, you will have to remove the area where the mold is present. You can do this by cleaning the area with a dish detergent or baking soda and then tackling the area with a disinfecting mixture such as bleach. In order to prevent mold from forming in the first place, make sure your windows are sealed and deal with any leaks as soon as you notice them. If moisture continually builds-up it can lead to recurring mold problems, which can turn into long-term damage. If this is the case, we suggest considering a full window replacement.

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