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Professional service is important when buying new windows and doors in Mississauga. We provide a one-stop-shop from the initial estimate to the product manufacturer, expert installation, and customer service including after-installation support. For custom window and door installation in Mississauga, we are proud to employ licensed custom installers in the industry. At Custom Window Designs, we have long term experience and on-site training for all types of window and door installations. We are a leader in our industry, take a look at what you can expect with our services:

  • Over 40 years experience in the industry.
  • We custom manufacture and install our products.
  • Financing plans are available for renovations on a budget.
  • Our price ranges span the spectrum to suit your budget.
  • We provide FREE estimates!
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Windows may not be the most exciting feature in your house, but they’re certainly one of the most important. Many homeowners neglect to replace old, worn down windows based on the assumption that it’s not necessary, but that’s not always true. Replacement windows can provide  a long list of benefits, both aesthetic and functional:

Curb appeal

New windows can make your home more valuable and can drastically improve the look of your property.

Easy maintenance

Replacing your old windows makes it easier to clean and maintain the look of your home.

Increased light

New windows increase the amount of natural sunlight by reducing fogginess, dirt & buildup.

Weather protection

New windows provide a better seal, ensuring your house stays dry and warm when it matters most.

Replacement windows are a substantial purchase that will likely last for decades. However, window shopping can be difficult due to an endless selection of options. We’ve made it easy, take a look at our large selection of popular window styles we offer.

Benefits of Window & Door Replacement

Doors act as the main barrier between your home and the outdoors, and they are often the first thing people notice about your house. While your current doors might seem fine, old doors can be unappealing and can even put your safety & security at risk. New doors are an affordable way to improve the look and function of your house:


New doors offer increased security for your home with better locks and durable materials.

Resale value

New doors can make your home look more appealing, in turn increasing the resale value.

Noise reduction

If your old doors don’t seal properly, replacing them can provide a reduction in noise.

Lower energy bills

New doors can prevent unwanted drafts and air flow, reducing your heating & cooling bills.