Stoney Creek – Custom Window Designs, a leading provider of innovative home solutions based in Stoney Creek, proudly offers Single Slider Windows. This timeless window design is perfect for the sides of homes or smaller rooms within your home. It combines both visual appeal and functionality. With a Single Slider window, only one sash is operational, allowing you to open and tilt it inwards. This feature allows fresh air to flow into your home when desired and makes cleaning the exterior a breeze from the inside. The remaining parts of the window are fixed to ensure optimal thermal efficiency. Custom Window Designs provides Single Slider Tilt windows in two and three lite combination units. These windows are equipped with various additional features to enhance security and operational reliability.

Single Slider Tilt and Turn


  • Tilt & Turn or Lift Out: The tilt-in sash design allows for easy cleaning from the inside, providing a convenient solution for maintenance.

  • Elegant Contour Profile: The windows feature a new elegant contour profile, adding aesthetic appeal to their design.

  • Thermal Efficiency: Designed for thermal efficiency, the windows incorporate 3/4″ overall sealed units, contributing to energy efficiency and maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.

  • Snap-In Glazing: The snap-in glazing inside the house facilitates easy glass replacement, simplifying maintenance tasks.

  • Fibreglass Screen: To facilitate ventilation, the windows come with a fibreglass screen, allowing fresh air to enter while keeping insects out.

  • Space-Efficient Design:

    Single slider windows are suitable for smaller rooms or the sides of homes where space might be limited.

  • Appealing Appearance: The classic design of single slider windows combines functionality with an appealing appearance.
  • Ventilation Control: With only one sash operating, single slider windows allow control over ventilation, and the ability to tilt the sash provides options for fresh air.
  • Easy Cleaning: The inward and tilting operation of the operating sash makes exterior cleaning easily accessible from the inside, simplifying maintenance.
  • Thermal Efficiency: The fixed portion of the window contributes to thermal efficiency, helping maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
  • Versatile Combinations: Single slider tilt windows are available in two and three lite combination units, providing versatility in design and application.
  • Limited Ventilation: Compared to other window types with multiple operable sections, single slider windows offer limited control over airflow.
  • Complexity of Mechanism:

    The sliding mechanism may be subject to wear and tear over time, potentially requiring maintenance or repairs.

  • Security Considerations: Some homeowners may perceive single slider windows as less secure due to the sliding design, although additional features can address this concern.
  • Aesthetic Limitations: The simplicity of the design might be considered limiting for homeowners seeking more intricate or decorative window styles.
  • Potential for Air Leakage: If not properly sealed or maintained, sliding windows may be susceptible to air leakage, impacting energy efficiency.

How much do Single Slider Windows Cost in Stoney Creek?

At Custom Window Designs, our single slider windows are exclusively crafted from high-quality vinyl, with starting prices at $420, reaching up to $1,000. The variation in cost is influenced by factors such as the size of the window and specific customization options like the type of glass and additional treatments. Please note that installation fees, as well as the costs for locks and handles, are not included in the base price and will be calculated separately, ensuring you receive a personalized solution that fits both your needs and budget.

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Why choose Custom Window Designs for your Single Slider Windows in Stoney Creek?

Premium Vinyl

  • Extruded from the highest quality, our premium lead-free PVC compounds are formulated for resistance to UV, fading, and cracking

  • Non-metal Super Spacer minimizes condensation

  • Multi-Chambered sashes provide thermal resistance

  • Optional Brickmould to add elegance to your windows

Fusion Welding

  • All frames and sashes are precisely welded for increased strength and durability

  • Watertight and Airtight: our non-degradable sealants and reinforced joints prevent any sealing problems

Custom Window Designs Advantage

  • 50 Years Experience: Leverage our half-century legacy in the industry, where seasoned expertise meets unparalleled craftsmanship in every window and door project

  • Manufacture & Install: Benefit from our end-to-end service as we not only manufacture but also expertly install ensuring quality control and lower costs

  • Financing Available: Ease your investment with our flexible financing options, designed to make our premium window and door solutions accessible for every budget

  • Lifetime Warranty: Rest easy with our lifetime warranty, offering you enduring security and trust in the lasting quality and performance of our products

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