Replacement Window Installation

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For years, Custom Window Designs has been installing professional, high-quality replacement vinyl windows throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our professional friendly staff specialize in providing replacement window installation that is on-time and guarantees a quality finish.

Are you noticing rising utility bills? Do you have breaks or cracks with drafts coming from your windows? If you have seen any of these signs it may be time to replace your windows.  If you are considering a replacement window installation you can feel comforted knowing that your new windows will bring a number of benefits to your home:

Reduced Utility Bills

New windows with tighter seals will work more effectively to keep outdoor and indoor air where it belongs. As a result, your heating and cooling systems will work less to maintain your desired home temperature and will save you money on your utility bills. Replacement window installation is an investment for the future!

Home Security

Many of the newer models of windows we offer contain double paned glass. Unlike single paned glass, these windows are thicker and therefore more difficult to break. Since your windows are a popular point of entry for outside threats, replacing your windows can give you peace of mind.

Decreased Noise

As a result of the thicker windows and tighter seals, new windows provide less opportunity for noise outside to travel into your home. This will make for a more relaxing and quiet indoor environment.

Get started on your home’s replacement window installation! Contact us today for a FREE quote and home evaluation. At Custom Window Designs, we’re the top choice for all of your window-related needs.

We offer many benefits with every installation, including:



World Class Customer Service

Service is very important when buying windows and doors. At Custom Window Designs, we have been installing windows for over 40 years and have received recognition for our work! We are a member of CWDMA which is a standard recognized as one of the best in the industry.

Professional Installers

From the owners to the installers, we’re experienced and trained in real day-to-day work. We take pride in our highly qualified professionals who offer a combined 150 years of experience. Take comfort in the skills of our installation technicians combined with a 5-Year Workmanship Guarantee and an exclusive 25-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Financing Available

Financing plans are available for renovations on a budget. We understand that replacing windows can be expensive and therefore we want to help our customers understand their available financing options. Get affordable new windows for any home!
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Affordable Solutions

In addition to available financing, our price ranges span a wide spectrum to suit any budget. Our window replacement window solutions are suitable for any household. We offer you affordable options so you receive the windows you deserve!