The days are getting shorter, our homes are getting colder, and the dreaded “w” word is just around the corner. Yes, winter is on its way to show us its harsh, cold welcome. But there’s still time to get our homes winter ready to stay as warm as possible, while also saving some money on our heating bills. If you’re in Mississauga or the surrounding Greater Toronto Area, new winter windows are an excellent way of both saving money and staying warm.

Before replacing your old windows, take into consideration the condition of your current windows. Make sure to check for these signs so you know it’s time for a window replacement:

Cold Drafts

According to Natural Resources Canada, windows and doors can account for up to 25% of heat loss in a home. If you’re covering updrafts with thick curtains or blinds then it may be time to upgrade your windows so you can enjoy your windows to its fullest capacity. This will also add extra warmth to your home (while keeping more money in your pocket).

Home Appearance

Your windows might be an eyesore due to chipping, condensation or rot. Or maybe they’re just old and need a facelift. Either way, new windows add curb appeal to your home and add value to your real estate.

Window Operation

Do your windows cause you problems when opening or closing them? Is it almost impossible to manoeuvre them so they can be cleaned? If so, save yourself the headaches and get new and reliable winter windows.

Upkeep & Maintenance

Old windows need constant repair. Due to the elements, old windows need new caulking and or weather stripping every year. Save your time, effort and money by investing in new windows that will last longer.

If you’re in the Mississauga area, make sure to check out Custom Window Designs. We make and install our own products, which makes it easy to customize the windows or doors that will best suit your home. Our prices, selections and customer relationships are the reason we have been in business for over 35 years. Contact us for a free estimate.

Energy-Efficient Windows

The money you can save on your heating bills isn’t the only reason to get new windows. Most windows today are energy efficient, using double-pane glass that is filled with argon or krypton gas between the two panes, which keeps warm air from escaping outside your home.

Also, don’t forget about “low-e” or low thermal emissivity, which is a coating that reflects various solar waves. This coating is found on most high-efficiency windows, and can significantly improve the thermal efficiency of your home. Make sure you look for the ENERGY STAR® logo when purchasing your windows. Products with labelled with the energy star® logo are built to the highest energy-efficient standards.

Enjoy the last few weeks of pleasant temperatures before it plummets into colder weather – but don’t forget to winterize your home ahead of time. Take the necessary precautions to prepare your home and family for another good old-fashioned Canadian winter.