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Richmond Hill Windows and Doors

Richmond Hill Windows and Doors

Transforming Richmond Hill Homes with Tailored Window and Door Installations

Transforming Richmond Hill Homes with Tailored Window and Door Installations

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Expert Window and Door Replacement in Richmond Hill

Expert Window and Door Replacement in Richmond Hill

Custom Window Designs in Richmond Hill is renowned for our expertise in providing top-notch window and door replacement and installation services. With our team’s extensive industry experience of over 50 years, we are committed to offering a comprehensive range of services, starting from initial estimates to post-installation assistance. Our specialty lies in creating and installing bespoke products that cater to various budget requirements, with the added convenience of flexible financing options. With a strong dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction, we offer complimentary estimates to attend to all your custom window and door installation needs in Richmond Hill.

Window Replacement Oakville

Window Replacement Richmond Hill

When it comes to window replacement in Richmond Hill, Custom Window Designs stands out. We don’t just install windows; we are also a window manufacturer in Richmond Hill. This unique approach offers several advantages. By crafting our windows in-house, we can keep costs down, providing you with premium products at competitive prices. Additionally, as both the manufacturer and installer, there are no middlemen involved, reducing hassle for warranty claims and ensuring seamless customer support. Our complete control over the production process guarantees superior quality, customization options, and faster project timelines. Choosing Custom Window Designs means choosing a hassle-free, cost-effective, and top-quality window replacement experience in Richmond Hill.

Door Replacement Oakville

Door Replacement Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill – Custom Window Designs takes great pride in offering a wide range of steel and fiberglass doors for door replacement in Richmond Hill. We understand the importance of personalization, which is why our selection includes options such as Red Cedar and Oak, allowing you to customize the appearance of your door to match your unique style. Our doors feature secure frames that are made-to-measure, along with a variety of stains and finishing varnishes to choose from, ensuring that you can create a door that not only enhances the security of your home but also adds an element of elegance. Our steel entry doors are designed to meet the highest standards and are backed by our exclusive 10-year warranty. For those seeking superior thermal efficiency and low maintenance, we invite you to explore our comprehensive collection of fiberglass door styles, including front entry, side entry, and rear entry doors. These doors are not only designed to enhance the curb appeal of your home but also offer lasting value.

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Discover the Custom Window Designs Advantage

50 Years Experience

Leverage our half-century legacy in the industry, where seasoned expertise meets unparalleled craftsmanship in every window and door project

Manufacture & Install

Benefit from our end-to-end service as we not only manufacture but also expertly install ensuring quality control and lower costs

Financing Available

Ease your investment with our flexible financing options, designed to make our premium window and door solutions accessible for every budget

Lifetime Warranty

Rest easy with our lifetime warranty, offering you enduring security and trust in the lasting quality and performance of our products

Factory Direct Windows

Our double or triple glazed windows are Energy Star rated, with Argon Gas filled units, and the highest grade coatings of Low E in the industry, which provides superior insulation all year round. Our windows are finely sculpted in “Contoured” or “Contemporary” profiles, combining thermal performance and unique style.

Casement Window

In Richmond Hill, casement windows emerge as a timeless and cost-effective window solution for your home. Featuring a single sash that swings open outward, they facilitate excellent ventilation when needed while ensuring a secure seal when closed. Casement windows are renowned for their enduring elegance and adaptability to various architectural designs. When shut, they offer dependable insulation, enhancing energy efficiency. These windows provide flexibility with customizable choices in materials, finishes, and grille designs, enabling them to effortlessly blend with your home’s distinct style, making them a versatile option for any room in Richmond Hill.

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Awning Windows

Awning windows make for the perfect addition to your Richmond Hill home. These top-hinged windows open outward from the bottom, making them ideal for all weather conditions. Their unique design effectively prevents water from entering even during light showers, ensuring excellent ventilation. Awning windows are celebrated for their contemporary aesthetics and adaptability, effortlessly complementing various architectural styles. When sealed, they significantly enhance energy efficiency by maintaining indoor temperatures. With customizable options in materials, finishes, and grille patterns, awning windows not only introduce style and functionality into your living space but also infuse it with abundant natural light and fresh air, creating a delightful and inviting atmosphere.

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Single Hung Window

Single hung windows are classic and cost-effective choices for homes in Richmond Hill, now featuring the added functionality of tilt and turn options. Comprising two sashes, with only the lower one being movable, these windows efficiently provide ventilation through the lower sash while keeping the upper sash securely fixed. Single hung windows are renowned for their simplicity and timeless appeal, making them suitable for various architectural styles in Richmond Hill. They excel in insulation when closed, contributing to energy efficiency. Moreover, these windows offer customization options in different materials, finishes, and grille patterns to seamlessly align with your Richmond Hill home’s aesthetic, making them a practical and versatile choice for any space.

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Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows in Richmond Hill are versatile and timeless, now featuring the additional convenience of tilt and turn functionality. These windows boast two movable sashes, allowing for flexible ventilation options and easy cleaning from indoors. Renowned for their classic look, double hung windows complement various architectural styles in Richmond Hill. When closed, they provide excellent insulation, enhancing energy efficiency in your Richmond Hill home. With customizable choices such as materials, finishes, and grille patterns, double hung windows can be tailored to match your home’s aesthetic while offering outstanding functionality.

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Single Slider Windows

Single slider windows in Richmond Hill offer practicality and space-saving solutions, now featuring the added convenience of tilt and turn functionality. These windows come with one movable sash that slides horizontally to open and close, providing efficient ventilation and making them ideal for areas with limited exterior space in Richmond Hill. Boasting a modern and sleek appearance, single slider windows complement contemporary architectural styles. When closed, they provide excellent insulation, contributing to energy efficiency in your Richmond Hill home. With customizable options such as materials, finishes, and grille patterns, single slider windows can be tailored to enhance your Richmond Hill home’s design while maximizing functionality.

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Double Slider Windows

Double slider windows in Richmond Hill offer versatility and functionality, now with the added convenience of tilt and turn functionality. These windows feature two movable sashes that slide horizontally, allowing for flexible ventilation options and easy indoor cleaning. With a modern and contemporary appearance, double slider windows are a great fit for various architectural styles in Richmond Hill. When closed, they ensure excellent insulation, enhancing energy efficiency in your Richmond Hill residence. Offering customizable choices such as materials, finishes, and grille patterns, double slider windows can be personalized to match your Richmond Hill home’s aesthetic while delivering outstanding functionality.

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Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows serve as stunning architectural elements that bring elegance and character to Richmond Hill homes. Richmond Hill homeowners can take advantage of these windows to create a cozy alcove, as bay windows often consist of three or more windows arranged at an angle. On the other hand, bow windows provide a graceful and rounded structure, achieved by curving four or more windows. Both types of windows offer breathtaking views of the surroundings and fill interiors with abundant natural light. Residents of Richmond Hill can personalize their bay and bow windows with various window styles and configurations to match their unique aesthetic preferences. Moreover, these windows offer extra space for seating or decoration, seamlessly blending style and functionality in any Richmond Hill home.

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Fixed Windows

At Custom Window Designs Richmond Hill, we offer a versatile range of fixed windows in both high and low profile styles. High profile windows, with their larger frames, are ideal for those seeking to make a bold statement, while our low profile options offer a more minimalist aesthetic with slimmer frames. Both styles provide clear, unobstructed views and ample natural light, along with excellent thermal efficiency. This makes them a practical and stylish choice for areas in your home where consistent temperature is important but ventilation is less of a priority. Our windows combine durability with design, ensuring a lasting impact on both the comfort and appearance of your space.

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Fixed Windows

Custom Window Designs offers a range of specialty windows that beautifully blend elegance with practicality for your home. Our selection includes uniquely shaped windows for architectural sophistication, triple sliders for expansive views and seamless operation, and designer glass options to enhance aesthetic appeal. Each window is meticulously crafted to exceed your expectations, transforming your home’s ambiance with unparalleled design and superior quality. This dedication to craftsmanship ensures that our windows not only elevate the style of your home but also contribute to its energy efficiency and comfort.

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Client Reviews

We take great pride in the glowing reviews from our customers! Their feedback is a testament to the outstanding service and superior quality products we consistently deliver. Our team values transparency and is committed to offering reliable, honest service to each client. We invite you to read through our customer reviews to understand why they repeatedly choose us for their exterior product requirements.

Marlene Lucero


Great customer service, quick response and installation. Any and all questions and concerns were answered to make us, as newbies, feel better. John Moran and the girls in the office, along with the installation crew were all amazing! Love our new eves and soffits! Would highly recommend Custom Aluminum Windows & Siding.

Rob Servos


We recently had a Sliding deck door and basement windows installed by Custom window Designs. Peter and John were great to deal with and the installation was quick and efficient. Everything looks great.



Custom window designs supplied and installed all of my windows and doors at my home and I couldn’t be happier with everything! Peter was extremely knowledgeable and his staff were very professional , from the initial quote to the final product I would highly recommend Custom Window Designs to anyone looking to replace there windows and doors!

Google rating score: 4.4 of 5, based on 24 reviews

Window and Door FAQ

At Custom Window Designs, our windows are expertly crafted from high-quality vinyl, with prices ranging from $310 to $5,000. The cost range is influenced by various factors, including the window’s size and specific customization options, such as glass type and additional treatments. Style also plays a significant role in pricing, so please refer to the table below for a general pricing overview per window. It’s important to note that installation fees, as well as costs for locks and handles, are not included in the base price. These will be calculated separately to provide you with a personalized solution that aligns with both your needs and budget.

Window Type Price Range
Awning Window $440 – $1,200
Bay Window $2,000 – $5,000
Bow Window $2,900 – $5,250
Casement Window $480 – $1,200
Picture and Fixed Window $310 – $850
Single Slider Tilt and Turn Window $420 – $1,000
Double Slider Tilt and Turn Window $450 – $1,100
Single Hung Tilt and Turn Window $430 – $1,000
Double Hung Tilt and Turn Window $450 – $1,100
Custom Window Designs stands apart in Richmond Hill by offering a unique combination of both manufacturing and installing our windows. This integrated approach presents several key advantages:

  • Streamlined Process: Our integrated approach, encompassing both manufacturing and installation, ensures a seamless and efficient journey from project commencement to completion. This consolidation minimizes the number of involved parties, simplifying communication and coordination, resulting in a more streamlined experience for our valued clients.
  • Cost Savings: As both the manufacturer and installer, we have the capacity to provide more competitive pricing. By eliminating intermediaries, we remove the additional costs that are typically passed on to customers, guaranteeing exceptional value for your investment.
  • Consistent Quality Control: Exercising control over the entire process, from manufacturing to installation, empowers us to maintain rigorous quality standards. We meticulously ensure that each window meets our exacting criteria, delivering superior products installed with unparalleled expertise.
  • Simplified Warranty and Service: Working with the same company that both manufactures and installs your windows simplifies the warranty process. Should any issues arise, you can directly reach out to us, bypassing the inconvenience of being redirected between the manufacturer and separate installers.
  • Tailored Solutions: Our unique position as creators and installers of windows enables us to offer highly customized solutions. We have the flexibility to tailor our products to align precisely with the unique needs and preferences of each client.

By choosing Custom Window Designs, you benefit from a hassle-free, cost-effective, and high-quality experience, backed by a team that fully understands every aspect of the product and its installation.

Custom Window Designs in Richmond Hill maintains full control over its installation projects by exclusively utilizing our in-house team of installers, never subcontracting to third-party workers. This unwavering policy underscores our dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

With our skilled installers, who are direct employees of our company, we not only ensure top-notch installation quality but also adhere to project timelines. Our in-house team undergoes thorough training and possesses extensive familiarity with our product range, equipping them with the expertise to adeptly address any challenges that may arise during the installation process.

Furthermore, our commitment to not relying on subcontractors translates into cost savings for our Richmond Hill customers. By overseeing the entire process internally, we bypass the additional markup costs typically associated with subcontracting, enabling us to offer competitive pricing without compromising on workmanship.

In summary, Custom Window Designs’ steadfast practice of exclusively employing our own installers underscores our ability to provide exceptional service, unwavering quality assurance, and attractive cost savings to our valued clients.

In addition to our high-quality windows and doors, Custom Window Designs extends its expertise to a range of other exterior home improvement products. We proudly offer services for siding, soffit, fascia, and eavestroughs, catering to a variety of your exterior renovation needs.

Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in these additional services as well. We ensure that each product, whether it’s siding, soffit, fascia, or eavestroughs, is installed with the same level of expertise and attention to detail as our windows and doors. This comprehensive approach allows homeowners to achieve a cohesive and well-maintained appearance for their home’s exterior.

For those interested in exploring our siding options and other related services, we invite you to visit our dedicated website, Custom Aluminum Siding. Here, you’ll find detailed information on our full range of exterior products, along with insights into our approach, materials, and service guarantees. Visit our Custom Aluminum Siding website for more information and to see how we can help enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

At Custom Window Designs in Richmond Hill, we understand the importance of making informed decisions when investing in new windows and doors. To make the process more manageable for our valued Richmond Hill customers, we offer a variety of flexible financing options tailored to different budgetary needs.

Our deferred payment plan allows customers to postpone their payments, providing additional flexibility during the initial phase. This option is particularly beneficial for those who need immediate installation but prefer to spread out their financial commitments over a longer period of time.

Alternatively, our equal payments plan allows customers to evenly distribute the cost of their investment over a predetermined timeframe, making budgeting easier and more predictable. This option is perfect for individuals who prefer a consistent and structured payment schedule.

Additionally, we offer competitive interest rates, ensuring that our financing solutions are both convenient and economically advantageous. Our commitment to transparency and customer-focused financing solutions demonstrates our dedication to helping you achieve your home improvement goals in Richmond Hill without unnecessary financial strain.

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At Custom Window Designs, we specialize in elevating your living space through a variety of services, including expert window installations in Richmond Hill and the entire GTA. Whether it’s crafting bespoke architectural features like bay and bow windows or enhancing your home’s energy efficiency with our top-notch window and door installations, our commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail shines through in every project we undertake.

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