Custom Window Designs Takes You Around the World

A window’s primary purpose is functionality, but this should not be their only intention. Since the beginning of construction, windows have always been the eyes of the home. Window designs have shaped the many periods of architectural design and have become more creative in the last century. Architects and engineers are finding interesting ways to utilize windows spaces that incorporate both traditional and non-traditional materials into their designs. Take a look at these compelling window designs from around the world to inspire your latest window installation:

Tree Framed

Since windows connect you with the outdoors why not give it a design inspired by nature? Instead of classic framing, try using tree branches or logs. This will give your space a cosy outdoorsy feel and provide the perfect frame for some stunning outdoor views. Tree framed windows are perfect for a cabin style house or great for areas with large fireplaces.

Unique Shapes

Most people are accustomed to the standard square or rectangular windows. However, you don’t have to be standard. More than ever, custom windows are designed in unique patterns and shapes that add individual character and dimension to any room. Liven up your space using round or diamond-shaped windows that adds character and suits your interior. Creatively shaped windows add a whimsical atmosphere that’s great in any home.

French Windows

French windows are a gateway to the past; images of Marie Antoinette or a Parisian home always come to mind. Without the invention of modern crank mechanisms to open and close them, French windows simply unlatch to swing open. They are charming and will make you feel refreshed as you lean out to breathe in the fresh morning air and feel the sunshine on your face. These windows look great in a country home, or if you want added sunlight in a room.

Converted Garage Door

If you are looking to upgrade your home with a more industrial look, try filling a garage door with windows. Garage door windows are a versatile structure that provides plenty of light when a large majority of a wall is covered by windows. Even better, having a garage door window gives you the accessibility to slide it straight up to the ceiling so you can enjoy large open views. Garage door windows are perfect for urban apartments or trendy lofts.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows  

Installing an entire wall with floor to ceiling windows not only allows for a tremendous amount of sunlight to enter your living space but connects you with your exterior in a visceral way. One of the largest custom window designs to accomplish, it achieves elevated landscape views best captured by famous photographers. Floor to ceiling windows are beautiful in any home with views worth embracing, such as a house on the water, city skylights or a forest backdrop.

Stained Glass

Not looking to replace an entire window? Consider getting a stain glass piece fitted to your pre-existing window frame. Add vibrant colours and striking patterns to your windows to give them a whole new look. Stained glass is a great way to portray a vintage feel or a very eclectic modern look depending on the patterns and colours used.

Begin your journey with Custom Window Designs today to embark on transforming your home with exquisite window replacement and superior doors. Collaborate with us to bring your unique ideas to life, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your living spaces.