Are you thinking about a window replacement, but are a little unsure of the best time to do so? It might seem like an obvious choice to opt for new windows in the springtime when the weather is warmer. Removing them in the dead of winter is enough to give anyone the chills. However, it is possible to get new windows all year-round with just a little know-how and some tricks of the trade.

Replacing Your Windows in Spring or Summer

Ideally, you want to aim for springtime or early summer when getting new windows. You want the weather to be warm, but not too hot. This is especially good if you are planning on having a lot of windows replaced.  You won’t be letting in overly cold air from outside, forcing you to ramp up your heating and in turn the money you spend on your energy bills.

The caulk used to seal your windows adheres better in warmer weather, rather than in freezing cold temperatures. Optimally, caulk should be applied only when temperatures range between four to 26 ℃ to (40 to 80 ℉).

Caulk won’t cure properly in very hot weather conditions either. In the heat of summer with temperatures above 27℃, it is a no go. Also, some materials such as vinyl and aluminum expand in warm weather and contract in colder temperatures. If you caulk your windows in warm weather, the caulk could crack and split when the materials eventually contract due to a temperature drop.

Replacing Your Windows in Fall or Winter

It is possible to replace your windows in fall or winter if you follow these suggestions:

If you are using a contractor, schedule them to come mid-morning on a relatively sunny, warm day, if at all possible. Doing so will give the materials a chance to warm up and expand. Watch out for rain! Some sealants need up to twenty-four hours to set before being exposed to the elements. Allow exterior surfaces to dry if they are wet or damp.

Use silicone-based caulk instead of latex or acrylic. This will adhere better to the window in colder temperatures. It’s great for waterproofing and weatherization. Your heating and cooling will work more efficiently, which in turn will save you money on your energy bills.

Replacing Multiple Windows

If you are replacing multiple windows, work on only one at a time. This will stop your home from becoming too cold. If installing larger windows, or ones that have multiple panels of glass, cover the width of the opening with floor to ceiling plastic. This will keep out drafts while your new windows are being fitted. Also, close off interior doors that lead to the room to stop the rest of your home from getting caught up in the chill.

Whatever the season, get in touch with Custom Window Designs for all of your window installation needs. We’re a trusted source for window replacements, our expert team will guide you through the process of owning new windows.