Windows FAQ

Your site says that your windows are virtually “maintenance free.” Is this true?

A: One of the beauties of vinyl frame window units is the relatively minimal amount of maintenance (interior and exterior) required to keep them looking beautiful. Unlike other materials, our vinyl is guaranteed not to pit, peel, fade or flake. And, it never needs painting. However, like any exterior surface exposed to the elements, your windows and doors will become dirty and require some cleaning. This is where your decision to purchase vinyl products will pay off. Sometimes a heavy rain is all it takes to clean the surface of the vinyl.

How do I clean the glass in my windows?

A: You may clean the glass surface with any common household cleaner or a mild detergent. A soft cloth or paper towel will do the job.

How do I clean the vinyl around windows?

A: Airborne contaminants and dirt should be removed with a mild detergent and water, applied with a soft rag. Do not use any abrasive cleaning agents or an abrasive pad to apply. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry. Do not use a high-pressure sprayer to clean windows and doors.

Do I need to clean the drainage system?

A: Your Custom Window Designs windows and doors have been designed with a drainage system to ensure that water and melting snow will be removed from the frame. Simply keep all weepholes and drainage channels clear so that water drains to the outside as designed.

How do I clean the screens?

A: To clean your Custom Window Designs screens, simply remove them and hose them off with water. Do not use a high-pressure sprayer or any cleaning solvents.

How do I keep the operating hardware working smoothly?

A: Custom Window Designs hardware parts require very little maintenance. They generally require no lubrication, but in rare cases where conditions do require lubrication of metallic parts, Custom Window Designs recommends that you use a light silicone lubricant.