Certification and Warranty

Screenshot 2014-10-21 12.20.53Designer Arch™ MasterGrain doors, sidelites and fiberglass frames are severe weather tested to meet the requirements of most hurricane zones throughout the US. This rigorous testing insures MasterGrain doors are built with quality components throughout. Designer Arch™ MasterGrain doors can be used in the production of ENERGY STAR approved door systems.

MasterGrain is certified with the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). The NFRC is a third- party, non-profit organization that provides certified rating and labelling programs that enable consumers to compare the energy and performance features of windows, doors, and skylights. All Energy Star rated products follow the test procedures established by the NFRC.

Weber Manufacturing tested the MasterGrain doors for “THERMAL BOW” resistance. It was concluded that the effects of severe temperature differences between the interior and exterior sides of the door was minimal and would not affect the performance of the

Every door is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. We not only stand behind manufacturing defects, but also warrant against

More details on our warranty and test results can be found by visiting us at www.mastergrain.com.