Factory direct windows

The Advantages of Factory Direct Windows

Windows are a long-term and important investment. Their quality and appearance are crucial for your home, whether you are replacing old windows or ordering new ones for the first time. Windows have many functions aside from protecting your home from unwanted threats. They also let in light and fresh air and improve the overall appearance of your home.

At Custom Window Designs, we offer factory direct windows, this means we personally manufacture all of our windows to order. What’s the advantage of choosing a company that supplies factory direct windows over windows at your local hardware store? Factory direct windows guarantee better quality, savings, selection and relationships throughout your experience.

High Quality Material

What does factory direct windows mean? Essentially, factory direct windows are manufactured by the same company that installs the windows in your home. At Custom Window Designs, we measure, design, engineer and install your windows. The advantage of dealing with one company is there is better control and higher quality overall. By eliminating third-party manufacturers, we are directly involved in ensuring your order is the highest standard during every process. We take customer satisfaction seriously, we rigorously monitor our production to guarantee we deliver quality products that exceed customer expectations.

Cost Savings

Since we do not subcontract orders to a third-party manufacturer, choosing factory direct windows means you will pay less for a higher quality product. Windows can have a large price tag attached to them, but factory direct pricing is a great way to help subsidize this financial investment.

Wide Selection

Choosing factory direct windows means you have a wider selection to choose from. Because we design and manufacture the windows we sell, we can control what products are made and customize them to your specific needs. We care about every detail and want to ensure your windows meet your family’s needs from a functional and aesthetic perspective. After all, that’s why we’re called Custom Window Designs.  

Long Term Relationships

By supplying factory direct windows, we have the advantage of forming more personal relationships with our customers. Through a customization process, we spend time learning about you and your home’s needs. Our factory direct windows come with a team who are personally invested in your home renovation project.

Are you on the market to replace and install new windows? Interested in factory direct windows? Custom Window Designs value our customers and work to deliver the best quality windows at the best price. With over 34 years of experience in manufacturing and installing windows, our employees can guarantee satisfaction for customers at every stage of window replacement.

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